Obama Wants To Throw A Missile Party.

Obama, wants to throw a missile party in Syria. Everyone is invited and no one is coming. There is a reason for this. Not everyone is convinced that Assad is guilty.
It just doesn’t make sense that Assad, would gas his own people, knowing that it could upset most of the world that would bring a coalition of countries to attack him.
There is nothing to gain.

Who would gain from such a horrific act.
Now that the Syrian freedom fighters are a small minority. No, it’s not the freedom fighters. The big boys have taken over, which consist of Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Muslim brotherhood and a few other hard-line groups who have shown in the past that they would kill their own people to further their cause.

Until we get hard evidence of who is guilty, we should stay out of it.

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Wyoming House Bill – HB0104 Firearms Protection Act.


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Republican Kendell Kroeker from Wyoming and a few others are sponsoring House bill HB0104 firearm Protection Act. Please take a moment and read this bill and encourage your Governor and Legislators to pass a similar Bell.


A letter from General Lafayette to His Wife 1778

Camp, near Valley Forge, January 6th, 1778.

What a date, my dearest love, and from what a region I am now writing, in the month of January! It is in a camp, in the centre of woods, fifteen hundred leagues from you, that I find myself enclosed in the midst of winter. It is not very long since we were only separated from the enemy by a small river; we are at present stationed seven leagues from them, and it is on this spot that the American army will pass the whole winter, in small barracks, which are scarcely more cheerful than dungeons. I know not whether it will be agreeable to General Howe to visit our new city, in which case we would endeavour to receive him with all due honour. The bearer of this letter will describe to you the pleasant residence which I choose in preference to the happiness of being with you, with all my friends, in the midst of all possible enjoyments; in truth, my love, do you not believe that powerful reasons are requisite to induce a person to make such a sacrifice? Everything combined to urge me to depart,honour alone told me to remain; and when you learn in detail the circumstances in which I am placed, those in which the army, my friend, its commander, and the whole American cause were placed, you will not only forgive me, but you will excuse, and I may almost venture to say, applaud me. What a pleasure I shall feel in explaining to you myself all the reasons of my conduct, and, in asking, whilst embracing you, a pardon, which I am very certain I shall then obtain! But do not condemn me before hearing my defence. In addition to the reasons I have given you, there is one other reason which I would not relate to every one, because it might appear like affecting airs of ridiculous importance. My presence is more necessary at this moment to the American cause, than you can possibly conceive; many foreigners, who have been refused employment, or whose ambitious views have been frustrated, have raised up some powerful cabals; they have endeavoured, by every sort of artifice, to make me discontented with this revolution, and with him who is its chief; they have spread as widely as they could, the report that I was quitting the continent.

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Ladies and Gentleman

A Book By DR.GINA LOUDON and DR.DATHAN PATERNO http://drginaloudon.com/ladiesandgentlemen/  http://policology.com/book/

Ladies and Gentlemen studies the history of the terms that once elevated the ideal woman and man and illuminates how the structure of Western society established and maintained the virtues. In contrast, the book demonstrates how three movements—atheism, liberalism, and radical feminism—undercut these ideals, especially in the 20th Century. Rather than a dry history lesson, readers will understand the crucial contributions of government, family, literature/media, and churches in producing a culture that either esteems or debases the best of each gender.
Ladies and Gentlemen draws aggressive battle lines in today’s culture war, pressing Christians and conservatives to value all people, cherish manners, humility, and graciousness, and esteem virtue above self. It directly challenges politicians and media
personalities to honor and reflect a culture of honor, as well as calling all conservatives to reward public figures who exhibit these
traits, while rebuking or rejecting those who do not. The book exemplifies several public figures on both ends of the political spectrum who engender the traits of the lady or gentleman, as well as several who clearly fail.
Finally, Ladies and Gentlemen paints a portrait of modern civility, proving that women can be warriors without burning bras and men can be tough without smoking Marlboros on horseback. It instructs parents how to raise their own children to be ladies and gentlemen. Incorporating Biblical principles and an awareness of modern day challenges, it boosts parents’ ability to navigate the
murky waters of today’s culture.